Simply Irresistible

Style(s): Disco, Jazz, Oldies, R&B, Rock, Soul

When producer Dennis Smith decided to put together a second Party On the Moon, he had three things in mind.
• Pedigree musicians,
• Nice people and
• A desire to be better than Party On the Moon.

On the front line is Toni Braxton’s sister, a Canadian Idol, a Broadway singer just off The Wiz, a former POTM lead vocalist and a bubbling superstar from Atlanta.
Band leader Ronnie Garrett is a Grammy nominee and Tyler Perry’s musical director, who has worked with Abeyance, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Usher and many more! Ronnie has performed, produced, performed and written on more than 15 million records sold worldwide!

Introducing Simply Irresistible, Party On the Moon’s sister act.