Girlz Girlz Girlz

Style(s): 80’s, Tribute Act

According to the band it’s still 1989. All claim to be from Hollywood but is it really true????? Lead vocalist & part time hair dresser, Michael St. James, considers him the “hot one”. He is slowly closing in on Gene Simmons record for most groupies serviced. Gene was smart enough to take pictures of every girl, Michael has an interesting collection of sketches on napkins….. Drummer Stik E. Sweet still makes his rounds in the Hollywood hills as a pizza delivery guy for Crusty’s Pizza. Luckily one night he delivered to Michael’s crash pad (parent’s basement) and the two hit it off and soon the search was on for 2 axe slingers. Enter guitarist Duffel. Mr. Duffel apparently prefers the clean air of Burbank over Hollywood. He’s a strict meat-a-terian, 3 time graduate of the Betty Ford Center, enjoys yoga and Asian women. On bass guitar is Lil’ Red Rocket. LRR is currently close friends with Axl Rose. Until Red gives Axl the thumbs up on Chinese Democracy, the long awaited GNR album will stay under wrap. So what do these 4 rather interesting young men share as a common goal? TO ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with the best Hair Metal on the 1980’s.