Atlanta Rhythm & Groove

Atlanta Rhythm and Groove has a unique ability to recreate swing and R&B classics, while adding their signature to these songs. This has set them apart and has propelled the band into the top tier of the Atlanta corporate and private party music scene. Bolstered by commissions for film and television soundtracks, numerous personal television appearances and countless roof-raising performances, The Groove continues to tighten their act. Although trends in music have continually shifted, their focus has prevailed, their music remaining true to American swing, jazz and R&B. Now, Atlanta Rhythm and Groove is poised for more groove ’til you sweat, dance ’til you drop performances.

The show can only be summed up as “Electric”. ARG is a 7 to 11 pieces including rhythm section, plus male and female vocalist with the option of adding as many horns as your budget allows… the more the better! They are highly visual as well as being very interactive with the audience and if you add their excellent harmonies, they are definitely the premier party dance band working in the South. Costumes or formal wear? But, of course!