14 Karat Gold

Style(s): 80’s, Blues, Disco, Jazz, Oldies, R&B, Rock, Soul, Top 40

It happens only once in a lifetime. A group of musicians meet and find a unique chemistry that creates musical magic. In 1984, such a band was formed in Atlanta, GA.

The Tams, who were in need of a dynamic backup band for their legendary show, hand picked this group of players. They became known as 14 KARAT GOLD, and from the first moment they hit the stage, everyone realized that this was something special.

14 KARAT GOLD is a diverse group of talents – a seven-member group with five lead vocalists and a three piece horn section. The band has carefully crafted their songlist to include music from Big Band & standards up to today’s favorite hits. Of course, their bread & butter are songs you love from the 60’s and 70’s – Soul, R&B, Beach Music and even the best of the Disco era. With an infectious back beat perfected by years on the R&B circuit, there’s no way you can stay off the dance floor. The one thing that defines this group is; No matter what they choose to play, you absolutely CANNOT SIT STILL! The group is fully self-contained, carrying their own sound & lighting. All you need is a stage!